Pantry Storage: Superior food organization with maximized space.

Pantry storage systems custom designed to meet your family’s kitchen organization needs. Budget friendly, guaranteed easy install and ships free.

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5 Star Average Rating

Pantry storage is maximized with a Closets To Go pantry (closet) organizer. Upgrade your existing space into a functional, organized storage system designed to provide better views of contents to reduce food waste and make food easy to categorize. Add bins for bulk storage and pet foods and keep cleaning products behind closed doors away from children.

Closets To Go pantry systems are custom tailored to fit your family’s storage needs and are budget friendly. Choose from a variety of styles ranging from a moderate design with shelves and baskets to a more elaborate style that maximizes every inch of your space with:

corner wrap shelves
LED lighting for poorly lit rooms or dark corners
pull out shelves for easy access to spices and more
bulk storage bins
vertical shelf dividers for cookware and baking sheets
convertible wine racks
stemware holders
counter space for appliances or food prep
easy reach snack drawers for children
separate storage cabinets for cleaning supplies
pull out recycle bins

Closets To Go focuses on superior quality, customer satisfaction, easy installation and offers a lifetime guarantee.

Aubree W. Charlotte, North Carolina
I would recommend Closets To Go. The system installs easily and their designers did a great job.

Reggie D. Nashville, Tennessee
I love my closet. I now want to do some of the other closets in the house. The service was great.

Bethany D. Sacramento, California
I used Closets To Go when I lived in Portland. We moved recently so I used their online service. Our designer was great with working with our very custom needs. She redid the design a few times, after asking a lot of questions, that I hadn’t thought of. We have a coffee bar and wine frig in our closet so she designed for those areas and it all turned out so well. I couldn’t be happier.

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