Behind the Scenes

All this may sound daunting but don't worry, it all happens on our end!


Engineering and Manufacturing Department

Your finalized design starts in our Engineering Department where it is again reviewed and coded for machine programming. Materials, accessories and hardware are now sourced. Once the materials arrive, your order moves on to our Manufacturing Department where various machines are programmed to custom manufacture your closet with specific construction details.

Assembly and LED-Lighting Departments

If you chose the pre assembly and / or Lighting-Options, the order will either go to our Assembly Department where the loose hardware parts are tediously assembled into the various components and / or go to our Lighting Department for preassembly of all LED-Lighting components if lighting was ordered.

If you did not purchase these options, your order will skip this step and go straight to our Packaging Department.


Packaging Department

Your order has now arrived in our Packaging Department where we take great pride in our packaging. In fact, we constantly get compliments from our 3rd party carriers on how well our packaging looks and holds up compared to other products they ship! We use a combination of boxes with 1” hexcomb to carefully protect every part before shrink wrapping them to a pallet.

Shipping Department

Once your order is properly packed and palletized we make arrangements with our 3rd party shipping carrier to pick up your shipment. Once this is confirmed, we will email you the shipping and tracking information.

To ensure the pallet arrives to you in the same condition it left our warehouse, a photo of the pallet is taken, emailed to you, and affixed to the pallet on all sides which puts everyone on notice of the condition of the pallet when picked up at our factory. We found this simple step helps ensure the pallet is safely handled between shipping terminals and the final destination, almost always arriving in the exact same condition as when leaving our factory.
When the shipment arrives at the destination’s terminal, they will contact you to set up a delivery appointment. Curbside delivery is standard. If it was determined beforehand that your delivery is eligible for inside delivery, this can be done for an additional fee charged by the 3rd party shipping carrier. It is your responsibility to note any visible damage to the pallet or boxes. This can be noted by taking some pictures of the damaged area(s) along with making a note on the Bill Of Lading which is the shipping receipt that you’ll sign when the pallet is delivered. In most cases, visible damage to the packaging does not relate to damaged products.


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