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Closet System Testimonials
All testimonials are actual comments from our customers. Unlike some companies who will only show you the good, we are giving a more realistic view. We have not paraphrased in anyway. These were taken word for word.


Aubree W.

Charlotte, North Carolina

I would recommend Closets To Go. The system installs easily and their designers did a great job.

Reggie D.

Nashville, Tennessee

I love my closet. I now want to do some of the other closets in the house. The service was great.

Bethany D.

Sacramento, California

I used Closets To Go when I lived in Portland. We moved recently so I used their online service. Our designer was great with working with our very custom needs. She redid the design a few times, after asking a lot of questions, that I hadn’t thought of. We have a coffee bar and wine frig in our closet so she designed for those areas and it all turned out so well. I couldn’t be happier.

Brandon W.

New York, New York

My wife wanted to go with a local full service. She thought I would order the system and then let it sit. I kind of wanted to try to do this myself. I was very pleased with the whole process. The packaging was extremely sturdy, but somehow we did receive one broken piece. Closets To Go shipped out the replacement piece the same day we called. The installation went way better than I expected. Highly recommend.

Roxanne H.

Los Angeles, California

There were a couple of handles missing, but they were sent out right away. Otherwise our experience was very good.

Shawna H.

Houston, Texas

I would definitely recommend Closets To Go.

Sidney W.

San Antonio, Texas

Good job by everyone. Our designer did a great job. I had some questions while installing and once I understood about the corner shelves I was on my way. The install went well and we are pleased.

Daniel C.

San Diego, California

I was apprehensive about taking this on. I am not really a DIY type of guy, but it actually went okay. I would do this again.

Kerry B.

Austin, Texas

We love our closets. We’d buy from you again.

Micah E.

Seattle, Washington

Not everything went well, but problems did get resolved right away. I would recommend you.

Katie W.

Baltimore, Maryland

I feel the whole process went better than expected. It’s not my cup of tea, but your system made it easy.

Edward C.

Hillsboro, Oregon

Overall the process was good. I measured wrong and so the last unit on one of the walls didn’t fit. CTG was great and sent replacement shelves, but only charged me for the shipping. I am not very good at this sort of thing, so I think it took me a little longer than average, but I still finished in a few hours.

Nora C.

Fresno, California

This was part of a large reno project that we kept on putting off as we weren’t sure we wanted to tackle the installation. When all was said and done, the closet was the easiest part of the entire house. I would recommend you.

Brian K.

Boston, Massachusetts

I am not complaining about the closet, but there was some miscommunication and so we had some initial problems. They did get resolved quickly.

Melody B.

Denver, Colorado

I understand the need to package everything well for shipping, but I think we could have filled a large dumpster with cardboard. Overall the process went well. I would buy from you again.

Conrad R.

Asheville, North Carolina

We had a bad experience with the delivery. I know that CTG can’t control this, but it put a bad taste in my mouth. There was some breakage. I was afraid I was going to have to wait for a claim to go through, but CTG sent out the parts right away. The closet turned out great, so I hope they change shippers.

Emile B.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

I wish the instructions had less pages, so that it would be easy to get through. I didn’t pay enough attention due to the multitude of pages and forgot a step in the installation process. Because of this the system came crashing down. A couple of pieces broke. You guys were great though and only charged me for the shipping.

Matt G.

Beaufort, North Carolina

We like our closet and thought the installation was pretty easy.

Hubert K.

Lewes, Delaware

We like our closet and thought the installation was pretty easy.

Sebastien S.

Montauk, New York

We didn’t actually purchase a closet recently, but bought parts. We purchased our closet a few years ago, but since retirement have different needs. It was great to be able to switch out some taller hanging for rods on top and bottom. We were also able to add some drawers.

Dennis B.

Petoskey, Michigan

We like our closet. The service was good.

Bob K.

Stuart, Florida

Good company, good service.

Louis H.

Ft. Myers, Florida

I thought the whole process was great. Our designer put up with our many changes and was quick to answer all questions.We received everything in good shape and installed all 3 closets in one day. Great company.

Hugo O.

Las Vegas, Nevada

I actually enjoyed installing this system. They have made it very easy to get through the process.

Camille M.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

We had some issues with some missing items. The delay was a little frustrating. We did get everything installed and the installation itself went well.

Benjamin G.

Fort Bragg, California

My in-laws recommended you and we are very happy with the results.

Caryn B.

Portland, Oregon

I am an engineer, so you can imagine I am a little picky. I was very impressed with your system. The hanging bracket is genius. I also appreciate the hardware already being installed. I was a little concerned about buying a system online, but Pam, our designer, explained everything ahead of time and assured me that it would fit well and look great. She was correct. I would highly recommend you.

Wendi H.

Virgin Islands

We are located in the Caribbean, so I wasn’t sure this would get here in one piece. Once you shipped it to Miami we had our shipper send it to the Bahamas. Everything arrived in one piece and we are very pleased. The closet looks great.

Eva A.

Vancouver, Washington

I requested designs from 3 companies and Closets To Go was the only one who paid attention to all of my notes and designed something that would work for me. I am very happy with the result and will buy more closets.

Brittney C.

Portland, Oregon

I could write a book, but will keep it short. I forgot to tell CTG about an obstruction in the closet and when I went to install of course ran into problems. I was embarrassed to tell them, but they were great about it. They sent out the new parts, but then there was breakage. So lots of delays, but I got it done.

Matthew G.

Rochester, New York

My neighbor used Closets To Go and told me how easy the installation was, so I thought I would give it a try. I just had a small closet in my home office, but the wall was bowed. I wasn’t sure the last side was going to work without having to shim off the bottom. Thanks to the Camar hanging bracket you use, I was able to adjust the hanging bracket and everything fit great. I do not like doing these types of projects, but this went very smooth.

Andy Z.

Dallas, Texas

I was surprised at how well everything was packaged. Once we figured out what went on which wall the installation went quite well. Having all of the hardware pre-installed saved us so much time. We finished our small walk in closet in just 3 hours.

Georgina P.

Honolulu, Hawaii

I was so excited to get my new closet done. Everything fit so well and it looks very high end. Having a closet organizer definitely keeps you organized. I would highly recommend Closets To Go.

Mark W.

Fresno, California

I needed to save some money, so I decided to do this myself. I was sort of dreading the ordeal, but my wife had been after me for a long time to get this done. After looking at a few online closet companies, I chose Closets To Go, due to their hanging bracket. I definitely chose the right company. With the hanging bracket, and having all of the hardware pre-installed, it was very easy. We now have a beautiful walk in closet and my wife is very happy.

Alexis J.

Orlando, Florida

This is a great product and was easy to install. I did this myself as my husband was out of town. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it, but found once I got the rail installed, the rest was pretty easy. It was a reach in closet for my baby and it only took me a couple of hours.

Francis E.

El Paso, Texas

I have brought several closets through Closets To Go through the years and I keep on going back to them as the installation is very easy. The first closet I did with them was a little bit of a learning curve, as I had not done anything like that before. Always an easy transaction.

Victor E.

Arlington, Virginia

There were a couple of problems, but were resolved immediately. The product is great and the service before and after the sale were top notch.

Jessie F.

Washington DC

We got our shipment on Friday afternoon. The closet was installed by noon on Saturday. A great experience.

Katherine B.

New York, New York

We ordered several closets for our new home. We had our contractor do the installation. He said that he had not used Closets To Go before, but was impressed with the hanging bracket. He said this saved him a lot of time during the installation. He said he would use them on his next spec home.

Jaylee A.

Davis, California

This was a positive experience and I would recommend Closets To Go.

Joandra D.

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Two pieces came damaged, which was a problem as my installer was here and then had to come back to finish up. CTG send the pieces out right away, but there was still a delay. My installer said it was one of the best systems he has installed.

Kelley F.

Eureka, California

The first closet was a learning curve. I am glad I started with the smallest one. It made the other closets easier to install. The instructions were kind of confusing as they are long, but I only had to use a few of the pages. Would prefer instructions that are just for my design. Overall though it went well.

Nikola F.

Miami, Florida

Good quality product. Pretty easy install.

Katelyn W.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

We had some issues with the drawer fronts having the wrong holes for our handles. Due to this we had to wait quite awhile as we had raised panels. So that was kind of frustrating. The closet turned out nice though.

Brittany S.

Portland, Oregon

Compared to what you get from the big box stores, there is no comparison. Everything is custom made to fit your closet and what you want. Way better quality. I would recommend.

Heaven A.

El Paso, Texas

We are very happy with our closet. The install was easier than we thought with all of the hardware already installed and the adjustable hanging bracket. We would buy from you again.

Kate E.

Hillsboro, Oregon

I had a weird layout for my closet, so I was very grateful for all of the help in getting a design that would fit the area and fit our needs at the same time. The delivery went well and so did the installation. We will be doing more closets for sure.

Nithin R.

Fremont, CA

We are very happy with the closet systems from Closets To Go. We ordered five reach-in closet systems, and they arrived in meticulously packed boxes after about 5 days. What drew me to Closets To Go was the ease of installation. I did not want to spend time assembling drawers, figuring out which sides the screws went on, or which pieces went where, or cutting pieces to non-standard widths. Basically Closets To Go did all the work they possibly could before shipping the closets to us. In the end, the biggest closet (about 10 feet long) took us about 5 hours of installation, while medium closets (about 5 feet) took us about 3 hours. I am also impressed with the quality of the product. The pieces of the system seem to be very strong. This includes the wood, the metal rods, and the drawers. The couple of snags we had were dealt with promptly by their great Customer Service Department. We were missing a couple of pieces, and another pieced (a drawer railing) was broken. All of these pieces were sent out immediately and arrived within 2 days. I have enthusiastically recommended Closets To Go to friends and relatives, and will continue to promote their wonderful product.

Kerry C.

Savannah, GA

We have really enjoyed our 'closets to go' system. Although it took a bit longer to install than we were expecting, it is well worth it. The ease of the website use and flexibility of design were both very important factors in our purchase. Our closet was so easy to organize after installation and months later it is still just as neat. Overall very happy with purchase

Tiphani H.

Stuart, FL

My husband and I could not be any happier with our closet. Your website was so easy to use. It truly made designing a perfect closet, well perfect. My husband was so impressed with everything from the delivery being complete and undamaged to the installation being a snap. We have told everyone about you. Thank-you for giving us a beautiful closet.

Erik D.

Whittier, CA

This is the second time I've worked with Pam Wells to build the inside of our closets. She had great ideas and was able to quickly get us our design and replacement parts. I screwed up one of the original measurements by writing 80" rather than 90" and she was able to get me the corrected order within the day. I will, of course, use again if I need to build out another closet in the future. Erik


Redondo Beach, CA

I contacted a sales rep because the website wasn't working the way I needed. The sales rep was more than helpful and worked with me to adjust the dimensions to my liking. The order arrived in tact and was fairly simple to install. If I had any more closets I would order from them again.

Joann H.

Anchorage, Alaska

Love, love my closet. My husband surprised me for my birthday. I had been out of town taking care of my mother and when I came back there was a beautiful closet for me. The designer must have asked all of the right questions, as there was a place for everything. Now my husband wants to do his closet.

Dale S.

Honolulu, Hawaii

My closet turned out great. I mostly enjoyed the process of getting it designed. My designer really listened to me and also came up with some great solutions to my ever growing shoe collection.

Robert L.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

My teenage daughter’s bedroom was chaos, so I thought a new closet would help out. She was excited to get the closet and with all of the customization for all of her stuff, it has worked out really well. Her room is almost clean. Thanks Closets To Go.